Easily run experiments on a computer

To run experiments on a computer, you probably already write command-line scripts for various tasks: generating your data, saving it into text files, process and display them as plots or tables to include in a paper or a presentation. But soon enough, your handful of "quick and dirty" batch files becomes a bunch of arcane, poorly documented scripts that generate and pass around various kinds of obscure temporary files. LabPal is a Java library that allows you to quickly setup an environment for running these experiments, collating their results and processing them in various ways.

Start running experiments in minutes; it is free and open source

Eliminate boilerplate code

Design experiments at a high level of abstraction. Create, transform and manipulate data tables without the tedious parsing and shuffling around of temporary CSV files. Create plots from tables and export them to a variety of formats in a few lines of code.

Provenance tracking

Keep track of each unique datapoint generated by an experiment. Explore plots and tables interactively. Display the complete chain of transformations leading from raw data to any individual value computed by your lab. No extra code needed.

Compatible with Code Ocean

Bundle your experiments in a single stand-alone executable JAR file. Alternately, create a capsule in Code Ocean that runs your lab and exports all its data into a folder of static files: HTML, CSV, PDF, LaTeX.