A Test Sequence Generatior with Many Tricks

SealTest is a test sequence generation library: given an input specification describing the expected behaviour of a system, it produces a set of test sequences which, taken together, cover all parts of the specification.


  • Easy generation of specification-based test sequences using a variety of built-in algorithms and coverage metrics
  • Generic platform allowing a user to define their own types of events, triaging functions, specification languages, coverage metrics and trace generation algorithms. This makes it a useful platform for developing and comparing future works on test sequence generation in a uniform environment.
  • Possibility to define test hooks so that the generated test sequences can translate into actual operations executed on a system under test.

The code is available online under the GNU Lesser General Public License; hence it can be used as a library inside any project, including closed-source or commercial products.

If you want to know more about the features of SealTest:

About LabPal

LabPal was developed by Sylvain Hallé, and Raphaël Khoury, professors at Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, Canada. Pr. Hallé is also the head of LIF, a research lab where LabPal is extensively used for the processing of experimental results.