Use Cases

BeepBeeep has been used in a variety of real-world use cases. This page maintains a list of the various projects where BeepBeep has been used, and for which documentation is available.

Stock ticker

Compute statistics over data produced by a fake stock ticker.

Medical Records Management

Detect abnormal patterns in data simulated from an electronic medical record system.

Online Auction System

Enforce lifecycle policies over possible events generated by an online auction system.

Voyager Telemetry

Identify planetary encounters of NASA's Voyager probes by processing their telemetry.

Monitoring of Security Policies

Prevent malicious software by enforcing security policies on Java method calls.

Electric Load Monitoring

Detect and identify electrical appliances by analyzing the signature of their power consumption.

Hybrid Car Engine

Analyze the data taken from a running hybrid engine.

Pressure Sensor Analysis

Detect "episodes" in data collected by a medical pressure sensor and trigger a warning when abnormal patterns are observed.

Trend Deviations

Compute a generic trend over a stream of events, and raise an alarm when this trend starts to deviate.

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