Event stream processing made easy

BeepBeep 3 is a free and open source stream processing engine that allows you to quickly and easily process log data and live event feeds. With BeepBeep, you can get up and running in five minutes and just a few lines of code.


Simple to Use

Everything in BeepBeep is based on the concept of pipes. Crunching a stream of events is done by instantiating simple boxes called processors, and by connecting the outputs of some processors to the input of others to create a processing chain. Events come in from one end, and come out from the other end, in a purely streaming fashion.

Processor chain
Can you guess what this processor chain is computing?

Every script written with BeepBeep also has an intuitive graphical representation, such as the one shown above. This makes it easy to understand what a processor chain is doing without even reading any code.

Some Features

BeepBeep 3 is an event stream engine: it receives a stream of events produced by some application or process, and produces in realtime a new stream of events. Internally, BeepBeep analyzes and transforms the event stream by passing it through a chain of basic event processors, with the output of one (or more) processor being piped to the input of the next one. Here are some of the features that make using BeepBeep a fun and easy way to process data streams.


BeepBeep's core is a Java library of less than 250 kilobytes. No dependencies, just download and use.

Open source

BeepBeep is free software distributed under the GNU LGPL.


You can start crunching data streams in just a few lines of code. No need to learn a query language!


Dozens of extensions exist for BeepBeep, from network packet analysis to data mining.

Recent Blog

Recent events about BeepBeep. Go to the News page for more posts.


Upcoming tutorial on BeepBeep at ICECCS 2019

An introductory, 2-hour tutorial on BeepBeep will be presented in an international conference in Hong Kong, next November.

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Version 0.10.1 is released

The latest release of BeepBeep, version 0.10.1, is now ready to roll out.


The BeepBeep book is out

A 300-page textbook on BeepBeep has just been published under an open access license by Presses de l'Université du Québec.

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