What is BeepBeep?

BeepBeep 3 is an event stream engine: it receives a stream of events produced by some application or process, and produces in realtime a new stream of events. Internally, BeepBeep analyzes and transforms the event stream by passing it through a chain of basic event processors, with the output of one (or more) processor being piped to the input of the next one. The exact configuration of these processors is completely left to the user and can be specified through various means, including ESQL, a query language based on SQL, or programmatically using Java.

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What can I do with it?

You can use BeepBeep on anything that produces a sequence of events: analyze a web server log, find patterns in a stream of network packets, look for policy violations in the execution of a system, etc. BeepBeep can read data from a pre-recorded file (offline analysis), or even be connected directly to the event source and compute its result as the input events come in (online analysis).

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