LabPal has been under development for more than four years, and comes with detailed documentation and API reference.

Computer magazine

Magazine page

A good starting point is an article published in IEEE Computer, the flagship magazine of the IEEE Computer Society. In 9 pages, it gives an overview of LabPal and its main features. You can cite this paper as follows:

User manual

Book cover

A complete reference is the LabPal User Manual, a 80+ page document that is freely available online on GitBook. In this book, you learn the basics of LabPal, as well as its advanced features:

  • Create and transform tables, plots and macros
  • Slice a set of parameters using regions
  • Distribute experiments across multiple hosts
  • Save and restore the contents of a lab
  • Automatically integrate results into a LaTeX document

API reference

LabPal also has an API reference that is automatically generated from Javadoc comments inside its source code.